All Torn Up!

All Torn Up!

All Torn Up!

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  • Legalized Genocide (feat. Stza Crack)
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All Torn Up!


Conscious & Empowering Political Hardcore.

Staring at this ugly world everyday can either tear you apart, leaving you broken and unable to cope, or it can drive you crazy with rage, inspiring you to rip this place to pieces until we have a world in which we would actually want to live. All Torn Up is a collective of community organizers and rage filled musicians firing out aggressive tunes to break this down. We’re dedicated to bringing punk music and community back to being a source of rebellion against all the injustices that have shaped our angry little lives.

All Torn Up was forged with two desires: to make music that not only challenges ourselves and others to consciously think more about the wretched world we have been given AND to invigorate people to make fight harder everyday to make this the something worth struggling for. Our tunes are torches to set fire to their oppressive institutions and to shine light upon our fellow rebels. Those are the fury filled faces are the reason this fight is worth starting, and they are the reason we know we can win.

Music holds us together, while the dusty ideas of the past hold us down. The trick is using that which holds us together to destroy that which holds us down. We are here to help empower those who have been held down to hold their heads up as high as their fists, stick together, and start raging for a world in which we’d ALL actually want to live.


Joey Steel – One Vox
Sören “Z” – Two Stix
Philippe – Four Strinx
Cello – Six Strinx
Jason – Second Set of Six Strinx

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