The Windermeres

photo by Patrick Houdek

The Windermeres

photo by Patrick Houdek

The Windermeres

photo by Patrick Houdek
  • The Record Begins with a Song of Rebellion
  • Donnie, You're Out of Your Element
  • No Such Thing
  • Sales Per Square Foot
  • Libertarian Value System
  • Angel of Batavia
  • Faux News Shouting Match
  • Mansplaining
  • Fashion Punks, Fuck Off!
  • For Elise
  • New Years Revelations

The Windermeres


Formed in late fall of 2012, The Windermeres are the brainchild of Chris Grassello. He began by hooking up with Aaron Sidrow on the drums and quickly decided it would be Jose Trujillo on bass. These three graduated from the same high school 5 years apart, and the bands namesake comes from the street upon which the school sits. Andrew Jones was added to the band in June of 2014 after the departure of original lead guitarist Shane.

Since then, The Windermeres have been going at the Denver scene head on, working alongside some of the best bunch of musicians in one of the best scenes this country has to offer.

Their original 3 song EP “Savor These Lies” is available at the Windermeres Bandcamp. Their debut full length album “Anthem of the Recession Generation” was released in late July of 2014 and is available on Spotify and the iTunes music store.


Andrew Windermere – Left Side Guitar, Gang Vocals, Deer in the Headlights
Bob Vokac – Drums, Cymbals, Gang Vocals, Bringer of High Calorie Foodstuffs
Chris Windermere – Vocals, Right Side Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Noise, Bossy Jerk
Jose Trujillo – Bass, Questionable Life Decisions, Beard, Haircut, Points at Things

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