Continental Divide

Continental Divide


Side A –

  1. The Record Begins with a Song of Rebellion
  2. Donnie, You’re Out of Your Element
  3. No Such Thing
  4. Sales Per Square Foot
  5. Libertarian Value System
  6. Angel of Batavia

Side B –

  1. Faux News Shouting Match
  2. Mansplaining
  3. Fashion Punks, Fuck Off!
  4. For Elise
  5. New Year’s Revelations


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On this recording The Windermeres are.

ANDREW WINDERMERE – Left Side Guitar, Gang Vocals, Deer in the Headlights
BOB VOCAK – Drums, Cymbals, Gang Vocals, Bringer of High Calorie Foodstuffs
CHRIS WINDERMERE – Vocals, Right Side Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Noise, Bossy Jerk
JOSE TRUJILLO – Bass, Questionable Life Decisions, Beard, Haircut, Points at Things

AARON SIDROW – Backing Vocals, Gang Vocals, Songwriting, Pre-Production Drums


SCOTT RISCH – Vocals on “Fashion Punks”

ROSS HOSTAGE – Vocals on “LVS”

MARK SWAN¬†– Vocals on “New Year’s”

On this recording The Windermeres are.

CHRIS FOGAL – Engineering (recording, editing, mixing, mastering), Vocal Harmony Arrangement, Making Stupid Ideas Sound Good in Reality, Patience *

JAKE YERGERT – Art, Design, Layout, Dealing with Chris Windermere’s Deadlines

KAYLEIGH GUSTKEY – Engineering for Pre-Production

JOHNNY “FtLP” WILSON: Unwavering Support, Backing Vocal Arrangement, Handing Out Deadlines

DAN FOX: Intermittent Moral Support, Some Beers

All songs by Chris Grassello and arranged by The Windermeres; except, “Donnie, You’re Out of Your Element,” written by Aaron Sidrow and Chris Grassello, arranged by The Windermeres.

FtLP0001 ( (c)+(p) FtLP Records 2016.